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Coming Soon-OEM seats and seat covers new and used!!
We have a limited supply of OEM seats and covers acquired over the years that we will be putting up for sale soon.  Check back for photos, descriptoins and prices.  Laredo seat covers black, Nutmeg and Honey, Levi Blue and Tan both early and late, OEM black, nutmeg and tan vinyl and more.  Check back for updates or call for availability.


  Jeep Levi Seats
          for sale!

  Last of a rare
          breed CJ stamped seats!!

Fold And Tumble factory
        Jeep seats Fixed and
        fold-and-tumble factory Jeep seats!

          CJ Chrome Center Caps for your Jeep!

Jeep CJ factory chrome center caps from $50 each for rears and $85 each for fronts.

 Limited number of Jeep CJ Aluminum Rocker Trim peces as well

Nutmeg Jeep seat material!

OEM nutmeg seat material $75 per sq. yd. while supplies last

Levi Blue
                seat material for your Jeep!

OEM Levi Blue seat material- SOLD OUT




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